Time-lapse video of a Honeybee Metamorphosis – National Geographic Magazine

Time-lapse video of a Honeybee Metamorphosis – National Geographic Magazine

I love bees and often photograph wild ones while hiking in the foothills near my home. We all know how necessary these insects are and we also know that our bee populations are dwindling.

I found this video of a bee metamorphosis from Anand Varma fascinating. It features the first 21 days of a honeybees life. If you watch carefully you will see a mite enter the picture.

Source: Quest for a Superbee – Video: Honeybee Metamorphosis – National Geographic Magazine

When Anand Varma was asked to photograph a story on honeybees for National Geographic magazine, he knew he was going to have to take a different approach to capture new views of one of the world’s most photographed insects.

As fortune would have it, Varma struck up a friendship in his hometown of Berkeley, California, with Alice Rosenthal, a local beekeeper. Rosenthal had a hive that was struggling to survive during the winter, so she proposed a solution: She and Varma would move the hive into a shed in his backyard. The hive would stay warmer, and Varma would get to know the bees inside.

Anand Varma’s photographs of bees are featured in the May issue of National Geographic.

From tiny hatching eggs to quivering pupae to hair-sprouting adults, worker honeybees develop at lightning speed in this 2,500-image time-lapse.

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